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It is estimated that corporations spend between 2 to 6{6966aad7c06a28407806d67a77845f98a2bbe5789f2750ee67e50ec325c806f2} of their annual revenue on printing.

Alarmingly, the average office employee spends $15,000 a year in document output.(Source: ALL Associates). The statistics is a clear indication that printing is important to business operations. But more importantly, if not managed well, printing costs can significantly affect profits.

As the cost of document output continues to increase due to higher page volumes and increased use of color devices, Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) is pleased to offer printing solutions that will improve efficiency and save money. We are always committed to providing the solutions that will help the entrepreneur deal with current and real business problems. CTS print management is a solution that provides a flat cost per page printed. As a manufacture agnostic, we provide a single vendor solution for your entire printer, copier, fax, and multifunction device fleet. Our print solution is like no other being offered in the industry.

In many businesses, print expenses are highly inflated due to waste. The CTS print management provides the business owner with insight into the use and abuse of printers. Allow CTS to help your business by optimizing device placement, extending the life of your print devices, and most importantly, lowering your printing costs. Our solution includes extensive reports that allow for a better understanding of your print environment.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for your printing needs. With this in mind, CTS can also include all the needed service and parts your printer will need in your cost per page quote, all without requiring volume commitments or complicated contracts for you and your company. We are committed to results that will benefit your business in the long run.

At CTS, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that our clients can have one supplier of the services that are needed for their business. With this overall objective, our technical and customer service staff is always available to provide the support and service that is needed for all your printing request. We never leave our clients out in the cold and you can always depend on our reliable, professional, and experienced team.

Don’t allow printing expenses to drain your business bank account and stifle your growth. The CTS print management is a logical solution to control the cost of printing. Contact a CTS team member today to discuss how the CTS print management solution can help with your current printing issues.

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