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Server selection is critical to your online and offline business. At Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) we are more than willing to help you in finding the right server solution for your business. Our highly trained and technical team understands what is needed from the smallest of businesses to the largest international companies.The relevance of the service we provide is based on the reasons your business needs a server:

 Central repository of data files. A server provides your business with the full security and protection that is needed for your critical business data in the case of an error or any other unforeseen mishaps.

 The hosting of applications. A server can host most of your company’s applications, which will significantly lower your software costs and labor.

 Remote access. An investment in a server will give you and your staff the option and ability to remotely access your business programs and data.

 Higher productivity. While nearly any personal computer is capable of acting as a network server, a dedicated server contains features that makes it more suitable for a productive environment. These features may include a faster CPU, longer operational times without interruption, and increased access and availability.There are different types of servers and each is equipped with the relevant features to address the needs of your business:

 Tower Servers. This is the traditional form of a server and is generally used for a smaller organization. It is about the same size as a tower desktop computer, but includes all the high functional features of a server.

 Rack Servers. A rack server is standard for environments where multiple servers reside in a metal rack structure. The advantage of a rack server is that it minimizes the amount of floor space needed and centralizes all servers in a lockable cabinet. A rack also controls the costs of cabling, battery protection, and cooling by keeping all the servers in a smaller area.

 Blade Servers: A blade server is a highly compact server that shares a central enclosure, providing both power and networking features. This saves up to 60% more space than the traditional rack servers.

 Hybrid Servers. These servers include multiple independent servers within the same body. This is ideal for organizations that need to save space without having to purchase a full blade environment.

Do you current have a server for your business?

Maybe it is time to upgrade. The team at CTS can make the right assessment base on your needs and recommend the best server for your business. Technology advances very quickly and newer servers can better protect your data, lower your electrical costs, or allow you to upgrade to new virtualization solutions.

Whatever your server needs are, the sales professionals at CTS will recommend the proper server solutions. Call us today and we will be more than happy to guide you through the process of selecting a server that is best for your business and cost effective.

cts prints

It is estimated that corporations spend between 2 to 6% of their annual revenue on printing.

Alarmingly, the average office employee spends $15,000 a year in document output.(Source: ALL Associates). The statistics is a clear indication that printing is important to business operations. But more importantly, if not managed well, printing costs can significantly affect profits.

As the cost of document output continues to increase due to higher page volumes and increased use of color devices, Cavalier Technical Services (CTS) is pleased to offer printing solutions that will improve efficiency and save money. We are always committed to providing the solutions that will help the entrepreneur deal with current and real business problems. CTS print management is a solution that provides a flat cost per page printed. As a manufacture agnostic, we provide a single vendor solution for your entire printer, copier, fax, and multifunction device fleet. Our print solution is like no other being offered in the industry.

In many businesses, print expenses are highly inflated due to waste. The CTS print management provides the business owner with insight into the use and abuse of printers. Allow CTS to help your business by optimizing device placement, extending the life of your print devices, and most importantly, lowering your printing costs. Our solution includes extensive reports that allow for a better understanding of your print environment.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for your printing needs. With this in mind, CTS can also include all the needed service and parts your printer will need in your cost per page quote, all without requiring volume commitments or complicated contracts for you and your company. We are committed to results that will benefit your business in the long run.

At CTS, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that our clients can have one supplier of the services that are needed for their business. With this overall objective, our technical and customer service staff is always available to provide the support and service that is needed for all your printing request. We never leave our clients out in the cold and you can always depend on our reliable, professional, and experienced team.

Don’t allow printing expenses to drain your business bank account and stifle your growth. The CTS print management is a logical solution to control the cost of printing. Contact a CTS team member today to discuss how the CTS print management solution can help with your current printing issues.

hosted phone

Provide your business a full, professional phone system with CTS hosted phone service.

Our fully-scalable phone solution is the most cost-effective solution for businesses of any size, for a low, fixed monthly rate.

Hosted phone system features include:

  • Better outage protection and a secure location with our world-class data center
  • Ownership of your own hardware and software – upgrade any time you want
  • Should your company move, your server will be running throughout the transition – no downtime
  • A staff of trained technicians that can manage and maintain your server – reduce the costs of having an IT team
  • Eliminates costs associated with power and cooling, and reduces your internet costs

server co-location

Server co-location allows you to house your server in our world-class data center.

You own all the hardware, while we help reduce your costs by providing you with an IP address, internet bandwidth, and power for your server.

Or, if you don’t want to incur the costs of purchasing a server, rent or lease one directly from CTS.

With either server co-location option, CTS provides monitoring and on-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages to server co-location include:

  • Better outage protection and a secure location with our world-class data center
  • Ownership of your own hardware and software – upgrade any time you want
  • Should your company move, your server will be running throughout the transition – no downtime
  • A staff of trained technicians that can manage and maintain your server – reduce the costs of having an IT team
  • Eliminates costs associated with power and cooling, and reduces your internet costs

hosted email

Email is one of the most important tools in today’s business world.

The cost of maintaining an email server is expensive, and the cost of storage, security, and spam prevention continues to increase.

Businesses of every size are choosing hosted email from CTS to decrease their expenses. Our service sells for as low as $3 per user, per month, and can easily process thousands of mailboxes per client.

Hosted email allows you to continue to send and receive email – without the headaches and expenses of additional hardware and software licensing. Deleting important messages because of space restrictions is a problem of the past.

CTS utilizes multiple servers and internet connections to ensure a 99.99% uptime with your email.

Hosted email allows you real time access to your email whether you are in the office at your desk, or on the road accessing your mobile email. CTS supports every type of smartphone, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Nothing in your environment will change, your domain will stay the same; now you will benefit from the advantages of a hosted email solution.

We also provide:

  • Full mobile- and web-based mail
  • Archiving
  • Spam & antivirus protection
  • Encryption
  • Tools for proper regulatory compliance (SEC, NASD, HIIPA)

hosted apps

In the past, organizations purchased a server for each specific department in their company: accounting, human resources, payroll, etc.

These departments may have only a handful of staff, but are burdened with the expense of a server.

Often, these servers were utilized to isolate a specific application from general users in the company (usually at the behest of software publishers).

Hosted apps by CTS lowers expenses by providing a fast and safe environment that gives users that require them, access to applications without the need for servers or their related expenses.

By locating your software on our servers, you eliminate the need to purchase hardware, while reducing labor, and controlling software licensing costs.

We can provide your company with the applications you need at a low monthly rate. The hardware and software are solely our responsibility – you can focus on your business, and we will focus on maintaining the technology that helps it thrive.

hosted desktop

For as low as $25 per month, our hosted desktop solution allows your staff to connect to their remote desktop anytime and anywhere, and from any device (PC, Mac, or tablet) that has an internet connection.

Hardware, software licenses, and technical support are all included; and all of your users’ data and applications is hosted at our highly-secure data center.

More access for your business through the CTS hosted desktop solution means increased productivity for you and your staff.

hosted server

Servers are expensive – once your company purchases a server, you can expect multiple expenses, such as increased power charges, installation and labor costs, and continuous maintenance, not to mention the space it occupies in your business.

At the end of the day, you are spending a lot of money on a loud, energy-guzzling, space-consuming machine.

Our solution is a virtual (or, dedicated) server hosted in our world-class data center.

A hosted server allows you to save space and energy, while cutting your IT labor and energy costs. Furthermore, you will eliminate the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software.

We offer a fully redundant and secured server infrastructure without having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software licenses.

Provide your employees a single application that allows them to access all of their programs and data remotely from any PC or Mac with internet access, while eliminating the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software.

A CTS hosted server permits your employees to focus on their business objectives while we deal with technology, and you improve your bottom line.